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At Reddi Roofing, your vulnerability is our top priority. With a combined 5 generations of property restoration and development, we understand the anxiety your facing can actually be resolved. That’s why we pride ourselves in the integrity your situation needs, offering the highest level of transparent service, up-to-date education and availability on the nation’s latest product technology that’s best suited for your property, as well as networked with top of the line public adjusters and appraisers that are ready and willing to assist you when needed. Through your personal Property Consultant experience, you’ll finally get the peace of mind that anxiety wanted you to believe wasn’t available. On top of that, you’ll enjoy our best-in-class warranty too.

photo of Brandon Esser

Brandon Esser

Brandon Esser comes from a long line of builders, developers, engineers and self-driven entrepreneurs out of the small town of Hattiesburg, MS. He grew up living simply, developed in the rich southern culture of morals and principles. From his years serving in international missions & ministry, to his corporate career, Brandon’s leadership in global involvement and business have had one main ingredient, integrity. And as a result, his life’s work and ethics have transparently inspired countless individuals around the globe.

He graduated from Oak Grove high, moved on to finish his first degree in Electronics Engineering and his second in Mathematics from the University of Southern Mississippi. Brandon then furthered his education and personal development in Theology and Pastoral Leadership. His passion to see people thrive, from villages of rural Africa and into the corporate life, fuel his dream of building a legacy for his family and those around him.

As Brandon began in this industry, he knew there was a need of change. The common trend of contractors chasing deals, door knocking, inconveniencing the homeowner for the sake of “contract” proved to be more destructive than they were aware of. After praying, he heard the phrase, “A good name is above riches”. So what you see before you, is the result of years of development and intentionality to build a good name rather than chasing the deal.

In his spare time, Brandon is actively finding ways to be outdoors with his dog Ryder and further develop himself.

photo of Dustin Horne

Dustin Horne

Dustin comes from a widely experienced construction family and has been in the residential and commercial construction industry for over 20 years. He grew up in the heart of east Texas, learning the ins and outs of trades ever since he could work with his hands. He truly enjoys building relationships, investing into quality friendships for the long run and finding gold within people. As a man of depth and integrity, Dustin values excellence both in and out of the corporate life, pouring himself fully into all that he’s committed himself to.

He’s travelled the world in ministry & music, produced numerous albums for worship leaders around the country, as well as worked with some of the greatest builders & teams that have picked up a hammer or used a power tool.

As Dustin began in this industry, he knew there was a need of excellence. People all around him expressed a need for a quality experience with renovating and re-designing their homes. So he’s committed himself to offering an experience that feels more like family than just a business transaction. He had a vision to build Reddi Roofing with co-owner Brandon Esser with one goal in mind, to build a company that operates at a higher standard than the rest. Mediocracy is not an option to him, because he knows that people deserve better.

In his spare time, Dustin is actively developing himself and his relationship, as well as searching for the next best off-grid campsite to retreat to with his pup Jorgie.

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